What is mycotherapy?

Mycotherapy is a natural therapy with medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms contain proteins, calories, vitamins, which adjust the body's imbalances and relieve symptoms while stimulating the immune system.Mycotherapy is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.It is a true dietary supplement.It is used in the prevention of certain diseases and brings well-being to the body.Mushrooms have a balanced natural composition and are rich in vital substances, such as essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.They also have a role of regulators, detoxifiers, relaxants, and are perfectly combined with aromatherapy.Mycotherapy is in no way a substitute for medical treatment.It's an ideal complement to traditional care.

  • Course of a session

    Make an appointment by phone or via the form on the siteAfter the anamnesis which allows us to target the problem, we choose the mushroomWe apply the instructions and we trust our friends the mushrooms.