What is Edonis massage?

The massage with essential oils is effective because its process accelerates the care and acts instantaneously on the physical and the psychic.the essential oil of lavender is recommended for a relaxing massage for example, it will bring the relaxation, will fight against the stress, the anxiety and will facilitate the sleep while toning up the body. To preserve the form and the health, to fight against the nervous tiredness, the burn-out or to have confidence in oneself, I invite you to try a session of massage with essential oils in accompaniment of the Bol d'Air Jacquier.

Details of a complete massage

✓ Back leg massage✓ Back massage✓ Arm, stomach and head massage

Course of a session

✓ You are invited for a session of the Bol d'Air Jacquier✓ Then, make yourself comfortable on our massage table to fully enjoy this idyllic moment✓ The journey continues with a session of the Bol d'Air Jacquier

Some adonis themes

Acne / Tinnitus / Heartburn / Concentration and memory / Constipation / Bulimic attacks / Chronic diarrhea / Depressive state / Nervous eczema / Self-esteem / Fertility / Fibromalgia / Weak gums / Insomnia / Bad breath / Slimming / Sports preparation / Psoriasis / Male sexuality / Spasmophilia / Tobacco (stop smoking)

  • brittle gumsDisabilityInsomniaBad breathCronic diarrheaDepression

  • AcneAcutephobiaBurns Heartburn Concentration and memory ConstipationBulimic crisesNervous eczema

  • Sports preparationPsoriasisMale sexualitySpasmophiliaSmoking (stop smoking)Self-esteemFertilityFibromalgia